Wednesday, 7 December 2016


Hacking is the main part of Cyber crime, which we are talking about, for the past few days. So here, it is about hacking of cameras, which is considered to be a very big crime, as people tend to do some unwanted/ criminal activities by hacking surveillance cameras.
Now let me ask you a simple question. Do you think your CCTV cameras are physically safer? No... Actually they aren’t! They seem to be safer, but some hackers used to hack without your knowledge, by using simple techniques.
New research from cloud-based video surveillance company cloud view suggest that the majority of CCTV systems can be hacked, providing an open door to cyber attacks.
A report says that they are major vulnerabilities in DVR-based CCTV systems and cloud-based video systems as well. Humans are more talented in doing these things. Those hackers easily hijack connection to the device’s IP address, putting a lot people’s property and their data at risk.
Hackers usually have special knowledge to hijack ones data. Any device that is not secured is targeted and they attack.
A research by ANDREW TIERENEY, an independent consultant, said that, “It can easily provide a gateway to their entire network, enabling anyone with malicious intent to corrupt all their systems or extract huge amounts of data.”
The traditional DVR-based systems had a problem of port forwarding and dynamic DNS and also firmware updates like leaving the device open to backdoors. According to the report, one device was hacked within few minutes, while the rest were done and dusted within a day. They didn’t say which device was the first, and the last to fall, though. CCTV cameras are even hacked through android phones. There is actually an app called Angry IP scanner, hackers downloads that app, which is accessible for entire foremost Operating system.
 In a movie, they actually showed how to hack a surveillance camera through mobile, the person is actually a student who stays in hostel, he goes out every night, since he shouldn’t be noticed, he hacked all the cameras for few seconds, by that time he goes out of the campus. Even in movies they teach how to hack cameras, without their knowledge they exploit others. There are many websites which teaches hacking. They even show videos, which exactly tells how hackings are done. And these apps should be banned, as it makes people to indulge in unwanted activities. I request everyone to be aware about the hackers, they don’t seem to be noticeable but within few minutes they hack your cameras and can delete some of the important recordings.