Friday, 13 January 2017


The term defamation used to define the injury that is caused to the reputation of a person in the eyes of a third person. The injury can be done by words oral or written, or by signs or by visible representations. The intention of the person making the defamatory statement must be to lower the reputation of the person against whom the statement has been made in the eyes of the general public.

cyber defamation is a new concept but the traditional definition of the term defamation is application to the cyber defamation as it involves defamation of person through a new and a virtual medium.

Cyber defamation is publishing of defamatory material against another person with the help of computers or internet. If someone publishes some defamatory statement about some other person on a website or send emails containing defamatory material to other persons with the intention to defame the other person about whom the statement has been made would amount to cyber defamation.

Tips to avoid cyber defamation

1 Stick to true, verifiable facts and your personal observations, experiences, and reactions.

2 Don't use anyone's image for commercial purposes without express permissions.

3 If you base a character on a real, living persons, mask identifying features.

4 When in doubt, or when threatened with suit, consult an experienced attorney.