Friday, 13 January 2017


Salami slicing refers to a series of many small actions, often performed by clandestine means, that as an accumulated whole produces a much larger action or result that would be difficult or unlawful to perform all at once. The term is typically used pejoratively. Although salami slicing is often used to carry out illegal activities, it is only a strategy for gaining an advantage over time by accumulating it in small increments, so it can be used in perfectly legal ways as well.

An example of salami slicing, also known as penny shaving, is the fraudulent practice of stealing money repeatedly in extremely small quantities, usually by taking advantage of rounding to the nearest cent (or other monetary unit) in financial transactions. It would be done by always rounding down, and putting the fractions of a cent into another account. The idea is to make the change small enough that any single transaction will go undetected.


There is no software application or algorithm for detection of salami slicing. Identifying this type of publication misconduct is complex because salami publications do not often include text plagiarism so that manuscripts can easily evade strict software checking. Only under the rare circumstances of encountering both the original and the salami manuscript can some editors or reviewers suspect salami publication. Even though there are no objective ways to detect this sort of redundant publication, manuscripts suspected of being salami publications often report on identical or similar sample size, hypothesis, research methodology and results, and very often have the same authors.
An example for salami slicing
 In January 1993, four executives of a rental-car franchise in Florida were charged with defrauding at least 47,000 customers using a salami technique.
In Los Angeles, in October 1998, district attorneys charged four men with fraud for allegedly installing computer chips in gasoline pumps that cheated consumers by overstating the amounts pumped.
In 2008, a man was arrested for fraudulently creating 58,000 accounts which he used to collect money through verification deposits from online brokerage firms a few cents at a time.

Here are few prevention tips for salami slicing, 

• Contrast programs and files that may contain checksums with backup versions to determine the veracity loss.
• Write-protect the diskettes, more than ever when testing an untrusted computer program.
• Prevent booting a hard disk drive system from a diskette.
• While transferring files from one computer to the  another, use diskettes that does not have an executable files that strength  to be infected.
Source: wikipedia
Salami slicing is not so popular, but still it happens in few places. In movies also salami slicing has taken its role, For example movies like SUPERMAN III, HACKERS and OFFICE SPACE, where the special characters are being the role model and inspiration for the younger generations, but even in movies they teach en number of illegal activities which is really not required for real life. actually salami slicing was introduced by orthodox communist leader MATYAS RAKOSI in the year 1940, to describe the action of the Hungarian Communist Party. Then, it was used by the nazi party to attain the full power of Germany in 1933. And now they use it for many unlawful purposes. As I already mentioned humans are capable of doing correct things in a wrong way, each and every thing are used in unlawful way to threaten others and fulfill their own unethical desires.