Friday, 13 January 2017


 A company that protects personal account information of a customer has to be on the lookout for individuals who wish to put them in a compromising situation when it comes to another's funds. Raj B Lonsane states that it is important to know how to tackle this from an angle that is highly sophisticated.

a) Banks have to update their security so that the attacker doesn't familiarize himself/herself with the way the framework is designed. before finally hacking into it states Raj B Lonsane.

b) Raj B Lonsane adds that banks should advise customers on reporting any kind of money deduction that they aren't aware that they were a part of. Whether a small or big amount, banks should encourage customers to come forward and openly tell them that this could mean that an act of fraud could very well be the scenario.

c) Most important according to Raj B Lonsane is that customers should ideally not store information online when it comes to bank details. But of course they can't help the fact that banks rely on network that has all cutomers hooked onto a common platform of transactions that require a database. The safe thing yo do is to make sure the bank/website is highly trusted and hasn't been a part of a slanderous past that involved fraud in anyway.

  How to identify the salami attack                            

The only way to detect salami attack according to me is to perform rigorous box testing by checking each and every line of code which is exhaustive but that's the only way.

source: wikipedia