Friday, 13 January 2017


1 In case of crimes we are interested to mention, it  important to find out if the computer forgery belong to a special category of transgressions or if they are only one category of crimes included in the traditional nomenclature . This will be the limit of our observations.
2 The first thing that has to be consider is that there is a presumed confusion in the criminal computer terminology, as the behaviours and actions that in some legal systems are called "computer forgery", others conceive this type of offence as a specie within the generality of computer forgery.
3 this criminal offense of computer forgery came to absorb all those forgery behaviours that have built in the computer as a tool for the offense, but they could not be subsumed in the classic type of fraud in the comparative law. the means to commit the crimes derived from the intrinsic nature of computer systems. All of them are designed to receive data, store it, sort it, modify it, delete it and subsequently give it particular information to the consultant.
4 the forgery by computer perhaps is the most common type of crime within the cyber offense. Indeed, it is the best know and probably the oldest: there are news of forgery committed with computers since the appearance of the third generation of computers, when they made their appearance in the life of financial and banking companies.
5 the convention on cybercrime of 2001 includes the frame of reference that the criminal legislator must take into account at the time of creating a penal type of this nature.

source: wikipedia